Logistic Concept cold store Smelte

Joint-Stock Stevedoring Company KlaipÄ—dos SmeltÄ— LKAB is one of the largest universal stevedoring and logistics enterprises in Lithuania. Smelte consists of several cargo terminals and complexes specialized according to storage demands and stevedoring ways. Smelte is located in Klaipeda in the most Nordic ice free Baltic Sea harbor and is therefore an excellent transit port for the Baltic States, Belarus and Russia.

Due to positive market developments Smelte is modernizing and expanding existing facilities. In the near future Smelte wants to start the exploitation of a new to build cold store with a capacity of 30.000 tons located near the quay.

In cooperation with Prolog NIEMA developed in stages a logistic concept for the new cold store. By analyzing the commercial plan the logistic flows where calculated and the effect of different scenarios where visualized.

Based on the logistic flows the processes from unloading the ship to loading the refrigerated trucks or trains where described. Special attention was paid to identification and handling of damaged pallets, the choice for a mobile racking system, the cold installation and EU regulations regarding cold stores.

Next a physical relation scheme of the processes was drawn up to develop the logistic layout of the cold store. With the chosen layout transport distances and crossing flows are minimized. The expansion possibilities and optimal connection of different transport modalities to the cold store where visualized in the logistic master plan.

The Logistic Concept of the cold store is the basis for the Program of Requirements which is used by the local architect for the cold store building design.